A Parallel(es) Life


A dive into French Underground through its bookshops and by extension, what is spread there.

Since 1972, several generations of seekers have spent time in the Parallèles bookshop.
It took root in May 68 and has sowed good seeds, which are still being reaped today.
It’s the narrative arc of a French counter-culture epic, from the late 50’s « prehistory ».
with the first committed bookshops up to new booksellers who inherited this libertarian state of mind.
A tribute to insider’s places, haunted by leading characters, whose singularity is embodied through its free press, its publications, its fanzines and tapes.
Or, how to lead a Parallel(es) life and to relay thoughts and an aesthetic beyond the mainstream?

Librairie Parallèles

Technical Informations.

Philippe BONE, Christophe BOURSEILLER, Françoise DROULERS, David DUFRESNE, Patrice VAN EERSEL, Henri-Jean ENU, MARSU, Daniel PARIS-CLAVEL, Géant VERT, Thierry DELAVAU…. Et une vingtaine d’autres témoins…

Script & direction
Sound - Production
Xanaé BOVE
Special effects

Colour grading

ISKRA-Matthieu de Laborde
DHR-Philippe Elusse
Sound editing

After film studies at Saint Denis University and a scriptwriting training
at French films school, la FEMIS, Xanaé Bove has directed 10 short films
or videos, at the edge of fiction and experimental, screened in many festivals and won prices, including Juliet Berto’s cup and a retrospective her short films at French Cinémathèque in 2011.
Then, in 2015, she made a long-feature, Ex-TAZ- Citizen Ca$h (1987-1994), first documentary about the French budding rave parties. Libé praised it as fascinating fly over the night history.
Ex-TAZ has scattered festivals and was programmed for two months at the prestigious Saint André des Arts cinema.

X.B is also a journalist, writing films reviews for Culturopoing and interview with directors ( Paul Schrader, Kornel Mundruczo, Kervern/Delépine …)
and investigating for Gonzaï (Ulrike Ottinger, freaks, Z series ..).
She took part in a collective tribute book to the filmmaker, Hal Hartley.
A Parallel(es) Life, her second long-feature, is part of a triptych about counter-culture…

2021 A Parallel(es) Life Une Vie Parallèle(s) (HD) (105’)
Achieved in January2021
Self-Production thanx to a crowdfunding :152 contributors
Distribution ISKRA

2015-16 Ex-TAZ Citizen Ca$h (1987-1994) (HD) (97’)
Production The Factory/Cinaps TV.
Cinema release @ Saint André des Arts Mach-April 2016.
DVD and VOD available on this site https://www.filmsdocumentaires.com/films/5921-ex-taz citizen-ca-h-1987-1994
Festivals & screenings in France : Musical Ecran, Fifigrot Astropolis, Résonances, Festival des Givrés, Peacock… Sciences Po, au Grand Rex, Cirque Electrique, Shakirail, Ecrans Voisins …. Berlin : Hochparterre, Boddinale…
Teaser : http://www.ex-taz.com/portfolio-teaser/

2011 QUOI? QUELLE HISTOIRE? (What ? What kind of story?) (HD) (11’)
Tribute to the G.R.E.C for his 40 years in Histoires Courtes. Production FR2/Le G.R.E.C. Screened on Frrench TV : France 2 January 2012

2010 TROPPO DANZATO, TROPPO PIANTO (Too much Dancing, too much Crying) (HD) (16’) Rock opera *
Sedna Films Production. Commission of the Lucca Film Festival for Puccini 150 years of birth. Lucca Festival 2009, Ebensee Festival 2010,
Galerie Tristesse IN Berlin, le Cleub AND Société des Curiosités IN Paris.

2009 DEMI-DEUIL (Good Mourning !) (35mm) (29’) *
31 Juin Films- Production Fund from the Picardy region / COSIP
Grenoble Film Festival;screenings in Berlin : Galleries Tristesse, Madame Claude;
In Paris : la Société de Curiosités, le Vaisseau, Le Club…

2007 AS-TU PEUR de la MUE? (Not into it) (Are you Scared of Moulting ?- Not into it) (35mm) (25) * Le GREC Production.
Juliet Berto cup at Grenoble Festival 2007. Belfort Entrevues Festival
2007, New York Shorts Film Festival 2008, Nuit Blanche 2008.
*Screening of those 3 films in April 2011 at the French Cinémathèque, a Xanaé Bove evening.

2004 L’ESPRIT d’ESCALIER (Secret Staircases) (14’) art video Self-produced
LIFE BEFORE DEATH? (8’) art video
Paris : Nuit Blanche 2005 @ Lavoir Moderne, Gaité Lyrique , à l’OPA /
Berlin : galleries Knoth & Krüger, Beckett II, Trödler…/
Serbia: Kibla Festival / Bosnia : Maribor

2002 UN QUART d’HEURE=40 MINUTES (A quarter of an Hour=40 Minutes) (Check 30’) ( DV CAM) Cinema, Vidéo & psychiatry 2003 ; Gallery Console ; Gallery Trödler in Berlin…

1996 CHACUN SON CHAKRA (5’) (Check your Chakra) (5’) (16mm)
FEMIS Production – Selected as one of the best films in 1996 by Les Cahiers du Cinéma.
Galleries Console, Beckett II (à Berlin)…

1992 POURQUOI T’AS DIT COMMENT? (Why did you say how ?) (5’) (16mm) Paris VIII St Denis University film workshop. Financial fund from the Youth&Sports Ministery).
Grenoble Film Festival 1993. Screenings at Normale Supérieure Cine Club ; before the western Soldier Blue @ Reflet Medicis Logos Cinema ; 4th area city hall ; St Charles & Saint Denis Universities…)

2003 FLASH Clip for the band MJA. le Maquis Production
Best image award at the Protoclip Festival in 2004.
Screening on the web : Art Channel : art gallery on-line.